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Created on 2011-08-04 02:36:15 (#1034067), last updated 2014-01-20 (191 weeks ago)

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Name:Empty Earth Out of Character
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The world- every world- has ended, at least that's what the letter claims. Nobody has any way of knowing if this is true or not.

All they know is that one minute they were going about their lives, and the next they are in an office of the Empire State Building in New York with a letter in their hand instructing them to join "the network" and telling them to please feel free to contact the letter's author if they have any questions or requests.

The world outside the Empire State Building is a strange one. It's a perfect replica of earth, except there are no people in it. Entire cities operate just fine, stores restock themselves, the mail even works- but there are no people there except the ones that suddenly found themselves in the office, the note in hand.

And anything that they ask for is given to them, provided out of thin air by the same person that left them in the office with the letter to begin with.

The letter is signed "X", and it's author's username on the network is "callmesavior". That is all that's known about the person that claims to be fixing existance. The savior doesn't ever give any real answers, after all. Just vague comments that things are being fixed and to just ask if they need anything to make their stay more comfortable.

So life continues for the people on this Empty Earth. But without anything to do and everything provided for them them can it really be called life?

And what's really going on here?

If you want to join:

     1. Read the rules.
     2. Do NOT join either this or the OOC comm until you have been accepted.
     3. Go here and put in a hold for the character you want.
     4. Fill out the application found here.
     5. Submit your application. We will email back when/if you are accepted.
     6. Make a character journal for your character and post the application in the mini bio section of its profile.
     7. Join the communities, [community profile] empty_earth_rp and [community profile] empty_earth_ooc with your character journal.
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